Aoyama Flower Market | ANNEX

Congratulations Flowers for Sanrio Company, Ltd.

On June 14 2020,Sanrio Company, Ltd. announced the appointment of the executive officers.


【New Title(s)】           【Name】          【Current Title(s)】

Founder and Chairman  Shintaro Tsuji (President and CEO)

President and CEO      Tomokuni Tsuji (Senior Managing Director)


Regarding all the congratulations flowers for this inauguration, we, Aoyama Flower Market Annex,

will accept orders and will be in charge of coordinating them.


Due to the limited space at the entrance of the company, we are not able to put all the congratulations flowers from all the senders.
Therefore, we will add up the amount paid by senders, and coordinate flower arrangements.
We would appreciate your understanding since this is the request from Sanrio Company, Ltd.  as well.


If you would like to order flowers, please click “Go to order form for congratulations flowers” and send us the form.


■Products (including tax)
33,000 JPY for all the products


■Payment Method
You could make online payment by a credit card.
Once we confirm your order, we will send you an email with the link for the payment.
*We appreciate your patience as it might take 2 to 3 days to contact you.


■Deadline for the Order
Friday, July 10, 2020


■Delivery Date
The first delivery date will be June 22.
After that we will deliver flowers constantly.


■About Gift-Words
We will put received gift-words together and display all the sender’s name.
If you would like your name to be displayed on the first delivery date, please make sure to order by Thursday, June 18.
After that we will add senders name one by one.


■About your order information
Please note that the information you put on our order form will be also sent to Sanrio Company, Ltd.


How to order and make a payment

※送料は別途頂戴致します。 ※表示価格はすべて、税抜き金額です。